Dude, Where’s My Metallic Gill Grunt Coupon?

Toys R Us won over the hearts (and wallets) of portalmasters across the country during the launch of SWAP Force due to their metallic Gill Grunt promotion. Rewards members who spent $100 or more on SWAP Force products through the end of the year would receive a coupon for a free metallic Gill Grunt of their very own. However,Toys R Us’ deadline of 1/18/14 has come and gone and most people have yet to receive their coupon leaving people asking “What do I do?”.

Your mileage and results will vary but first here is the tried and true method painstakingly compiled by BahamutBreaker:

1. Call the general help line for TRU phone support, 1-800-TOYS-R-US. Select option number “5” to speak with the “Rewards” department.
2. Explain to the agent that you are a Rewards member, calling to inquire about the Skylanders Special Edition Gill Grunt promotion.
3. Explain that you should have been in receipt of an email voucher for the Gill Grunt, and that you have not received an email (and you’ve checked your “junk mail” or “spam” folder, etc. and it’s not there, either).
4. Explain that TRU’s self-stated deadline to distribute those voucher emails, 1/18/14, has now passed, and you still have not received your email voucher.
5. Ask for the agent to verify your eligibility for the promotion by viewing your Rewards purchase history between 10-13-13 and 12-31-13. Ask them to verify your email address, too, just to be sure.
6. Once the agent has verified your eligibility for the promotion, request that s/he “opens a case” with a reference number.
7. Make sure the agent tells you the reference number and write it down. Make sure the agent makes notation on your “case” file that s/he confirmed that you are eligible for the promotion.
8. Exchange pleasantries and if there’s nothing else the agent can do for you, hang up.
9. Then, call a different TRU support number: 1-855-422-7715. This is a direct line to TRU’s “customer care” department. You can’t access this department easily from the main TRU phone support line (1-800-TOYS-R-US).
10. Provide this new agent with your “case” file’s reference number from the previous phone call.
11. Explain your situation — I haven’t received my email voucher; I should have received it no later than yesterday (1/18/14); etc., etc.
12. The agent will probably want to re-verify your Rewards membership number, your email address, your billing address, your shipping address, etc, etc.
13. At this point, the agent may (probably will) try to compensate you with an “e-gift card” credit for $12 to purchase the Special Gill Grunt at TRU.com. If that satisfies you, go for it. If not …
14. Explain to the agent that you are aware that Rewards members who actually received their vouchers were offered Free Shipping as part of the promotion. Tell him/her you want that, too.
15. At this point, if you’ve played your cards right, and your agent isn’t an idiot, the agent will go ahead and place the online order for you, for the Special Gill Grunt, with free shipping … possibly even free Express shipping.
16. Don’t hang up until you actually receive and see your email order confirmation. Double-check to ensure that the correct shipping address, etc. is on that confirmation.

Again I do want to stress that your mileage may vary with this method. Yesterday when we called for one of our Rewards accounts we were told that the reason for the delay was due to a delay with the figure shipments and they didn’t want people to go into stores looking for a product they didn’t have yet. Despite that we were still emailed the coupon the same day. When I called today for our second Rewards account I was immediately transferred to customer care and simply told that I would need to wait until the 25th.

Long post short, if you’re eligible for the Toys R Us metallic Gill Grunt figure you should give their support number a call but it looks like we might still be waiting another week for the coupon. If you’re not eligible for a free figure, ToysRUs.com does have metallic Gill Grunt in-stock and available for purchase.

13 comments on “Dude, Where’s My Metallic Gill Grunt Coupon?

  1. So I call the hotline and tell the guy about how I haven’t received the email yet he checks and said to me the toys r us registered my purchases on the 12th which is impossible considering swap force was not availed until the 13th, what happened?

  2. After I called and got the case # it took less than 24hrs for TRUs customer service to contact me with an apology and an e-mail letting me know within 48hrs I will receive a voucher for the special edition gill grunt promotion as I did qualify. Thanks again to all who network through this and other blogs for helping get the message out.

    • I hope your voucher came today…I was told a similar thing twice with no results (“Wait 24 hours, wait 12 more hours, wait 4 days”)…Within ten minutes of calling 1-855-422-7715 they had a shipment confirmation for the figure sent to me. As of today they’re still trying to send out 9,000 vouchers @_@

  3. finally got my email today!!!

  4. Mine has shipped and SHOULD arrive soon.

  5. I called and the lady was all “oh my goodness I apologize for the inconvenience I again want to apologize there was an issue with the manufacturer not realizing how popular the promotion would be. I will send out your order free shipping right now” could not have gone smoother.
    Thanks solid

  6. Finally got my shipment verification today a week after being told it was being processed. This promotion was a mess and bad PR for toys r us. Let’s hope future promotions will be better thought out. I guess Chinese new year is not the release date for jade flash wing? Anyone heard anything about a release?

  7. Oops meant jade fire kraken, seems we make mistakes.

  8. I also had good results calling the second customer service number and an order was placed immediately upon confirmation I had made the qualifyiung purchases. But she also said that they can only place these orders until midnight January 31st. So if anyone is still waiting on the coupon you need to call soon!

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