Lost Islands Monday: Jade Fire Kraken’s Catching Fire

Good morning, portalflippers!

This week’s update post is a twofer as I continue to catch up on my holiday backlog. Today’s Lost Islands update is already live so here’s what players can look forward to this week as well as what you can look back on from last week’s update.

  • Bird House: Apparently Vicarious Visions’ mobile team has heard about the bird and now all your bird Skylanders have a place to roost. For 200 Gems you can cage those avians for 4 hours and be rewarded with a payout of Gold, Energy, Kingdom XP, or Gems. This house pays out the same as the Cadette and Scout houses.
  • December’s Alter Ego: Hailing from the Great White North, or Canada as us yanks call it, Snowler Brawl is here for the holiday season. Available from the Wishin’ Well or for 1500 Gems you can recruit her today for your roller derby team before she heads home.
  • Jade Fire Kraken: An odd addition to the Lost Islands since he has yet to be released as a figure, Jade Fire Kraken bounces into your Kingdom. Buy him for 300 Gems or win him from the Spin to Win Wheel today and complete the quest that has been sitting in our queue for weeks.
  • Companion Tessa: Newest chieftess of the Cloudbreak Islands, Tessa takes time out of her newfound duties to help give your Kingdom a population boost. For 3000 Gems she will become your companion and endorse your Kingdom adding a 25% Mabu population boost.
  • Timed Quests: This week you can use your Giant Skylanders to earn a free Hall of Legend and run a few errands for Advisor Orville to earn a free Radiant Field.
  • Super Tuesday: This week’s Tuesday boost doubles all XP earned by your Skylanders and a 50% discount on Wheellock.
  • Jolly Bumble Blast: This is a bit of a bonus for me as I was able to purchase Jolly Bumble Blast early but if you can find him he is currently able to be added to the game via the bluetooth portal. My guess is we’ll see him next Monday after he officially goes on sale.

And that’s all the Lost Islands is offering us this week! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving break. If you’re looking for some extra holiday cheer this month you can check out our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and you may find yourself with an extra gift under your tree this year.

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22 comments on “Lost Islands Monday: Jade Fire Kraken’s Catching Fire

  1. getting jade fire kraken works nicely with the “a small favor” timed quest since they both need the trolls. they sure are loading up on fire swap force characters, which is only frustrating every time evil bats appear looking for the earth element…

    it was nice to have the little glitch for a few days where snowler brawl could go to mount cloudbreak, but alas it’s gone after today’s update.

    i’m disappointed that there’s no quest associated with the bird house, oh well ;)

    how’s all that wishing going? i see your B&B #’s increasing :)

  2. much to my chagrin, the giant/alter ego houses seem to be paying out less, have you noticed this? they used to be 3+ gems. i just had 3 houses pay out 2 gems. grrr…

    • For the past several weeks I’ve been keeping track of Gem payouts from houses and was going to call you crazy until I noticed the same thing. But then I called myself crazy because Hot Head’s House broke the trend and in 24 hours paid out 8 Gems, 7 Gems, then another 7 Gems. I don’t know what’s going on with the payouts but if you’re interested here’s my spreadsheet:


      • of course i’m interested! i love # analysis :) yesterday, i was spreadsheeting (yeah, i just turned it into a verb) all lost islands characters to get their hero XP to track them up to 15. tech has been the seldom been the element of the day – weird. we’ll get swap force at xmas, but in giants i had listed out all the characters and their progress against goals to get the gold helmet and i crunch #’s to have 0 mabu walking around my kingdom so if a house goes up, the corresponding work has to balance. i am a little crazy :P

  3. It looks like someone got their GITD Quick Draw Rattle Shake and is selling it on eBay. I was hoping they would be out before Christmas!

    I have also been finding 2 color variations of this variant, which convinces me, now more than ever, that there will be 2 different Quick Draw Rattle Shakes… the Frito Lay one will be glow in the dark and the other maybe a store exclusive. Can anyone confirm this?

  4. I’ve only seen codes or pre-order w a confirmation win from a screen shot…where did you actually see one on ebay? I have a hard time believing someone got theirs already. I just got two of my three Halloween Fright Riders last week and I won relatively early in the contest.

  5. It looks like he sold it. I think he was from Washington state. Had it listed for $275.00, had several pictures of it in the box.

    I got my pumpkin fright rider a few weeks ago. I figured Rattle shake would be the same way, they ship him after the contest is over. I am more hopeful now that I have seen someone had one, but he may also have had an inside track.

    I would really like to get it in time for Christmas and slip it in my son’s 3DS copy of the game since he already has the original Rattle Shake. We will see.

    • I’m not sure what to think about how he got it. On one hand Bellevue, WA is home to several big name video game developers and is in the backyard of Penny Arcade who just dissolved their video game review site. On the other the seller deals mainly in high end electronics that have a reputation for falling off the backs of trucks. Whoever paid that much for it is completely out of their minds, however.

  6. I completed the quest that gives you a legendary hall, but as I already had 10, I wondered what to do with it ( as I only had 10 legendaries) …. Til I went shopping today and found legendary free ranger & legendary grim creeper.

    It made me wonder, does anyone know how many legendary skylanders there are?

  7. Got Jolly Bumble today at GameStop. I called TRU and they said they wouldn’t have them until the 8th. Maybe GameStop put them out early?

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