Gnarly Tree Rex On Clearance For $4.48 @ Select Target Stores

Thanks to a thread over on Slickdeals alerting me to this deal, it appears that some Target stores have clearanced out their stock of Gnarly Tree Rex and can be found for as low as $4.48. Not every store is participating in this deal so your mileage will vary as my own local store was not affected by this price drop. If you want to save yourself a trip you can always call ahead and have an employee look Gnarly Tree Rex up by its DPCI: 207 00 1139.

If you’re lucky enough to live by a Target store that’s offering this deal then make sure to leave a comment below and help out your fellow portalflippers!

Not shown: my disappointment

Not shown: my disappointment

4 comments on “Gnarly Tree Rex On Clearance For $4.48 @ Select Target Stores

  1. You what’s really disappointing? That the stores here do not have any kind of offers or sales on skylanders, definitely not now swapforce was only recently released.
    The last offers were only to get rid of the old skylander (not even giants) figures, but never even near the reduced prices you Americans get. Sigh, why do hobbies have to be so expensive for us.

  2. I know this probably isn’t the right place to ask this… but has anyone figured out how to mod the Skylanders Tower Case to fit the slightly larger new portal of power that came with Swap-Force? I couldn’t find anything online. It’s the recess in the top that’s designed to hold it, but it just kind of wedges in a little crooked at best. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. No luck with Gnarly Tree Rex here, but Our Target has the Nitro Magna Charge 2 packs for $2 11/3-11/23. I didn’t see that in our ad.

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