Lost Islands Monday: Dark Days Ahead For Skylanders

Hey there, portalflippers!

It’s Monday and this week’s Lost Islands updated has washed over us like a wave of darkness…mostly because it is literally a wave of darkness. This spooky update comes just in time for Halloween and rewards those who have embraced the darkness. What awaits those who gaze into the abyss?

  • Portal Restored: Most importantly, the bluetooth portal functionality was restored with a patch quickly deployed by the Vicarious Visions team last week. I have confirmed with my own figures that they no longer have their data reset when scanned into Lost Islands. If you continue to have issues with this feature please contact @ATVIAssist for support.
  • Dark Days: The skies have darkened over the Lost Islands and awards all Dark Skylanders 100% Gold boost. Meteorologists predict that this strange phenomenon will last only until November 3rd.
  • Dark Skylanders, Arise: Dark Wash Buckler and Dark Slobbertooth are officially residents of the Lost Islands. Unlock them today from your collections, the Spin to Win wheel, or with Gems.
  • Wave 2 Skylanders: All of the recently release Wave 2 Skylanders have also found their way to the Lost Islands. Choose from Night Shift, Boom Jet, Fire Kraken, Grilla Drilla, Scorp, and Riptide to add to your Lost Islands population.
  • Ma-Boo: Not to be confused with the Usher song of a similar name, bringing Ma-Boo in as a companion for 30 Gems will add a new Hide & Seek game to your Kingdom. Ma-Boo will appear once a day to reward you with a Wishin’ Stone for finding him.
  • Skeletal Cynder’s House: October’s Alter Ego, Skeletal Cynder, now has a place to hang her skullcap. For 350 Gems you can now acquire a premium house for dem bones and send her off on a 6 hour adventure which will reward you with Kingdom XP, Gold, Energy, or Gems. These premium houses continue to be my favorite purchases within the game and I’m glad to see them return.
  • Super Tuesday: @Thaysula has come from the future to inform us that Super Tuesday’s boost is more Gems in Gem Pack 2 and a swarm of Evilized Sugar Bats.
  • Timed Quest: This week’s Timed Quest pits you in a race to wipe out 15 Evilized Sugar Bat Swarms. The reward is hefty: An Undead Shrine.

That’s a lot of content for this week and the 100% Gold bonus is very welcome. Check back next week to see what the mobile team at Vicarious Visions has in store for our Lost Islands!

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12 comments on “Lost Islands Monday: Dark Days Ahead For Skylanders

  1. I just opened Lost Islands and bought Ma-Boo. Then when I harvested my adventure balloons, it said Grim Creeper was level two (he was level 8 this morning). I had won him through the spin wheel, and now it shows he hasn’t even been purchased. Oh and my gems dropped from 906 to 872. What the crap?! Has this happened to anyone else?

    • I’m seeing one report of someone losing ownership of a Skylander that had been won through the Spin to Win wheel. Maybe there’s an issue there? Won’t know until more people chime in.

      • Mr Atlus I am in the lucky position to have a pumpkin-eyebrawl ……
        It is still not recognized in lost islands……. Would be Nice touch for Halloween …
        Grt Sgtmikehuber
        Sorry if this is not the right topic ……..

    • Okay I looked into it a bit more. The issue with Skylanders disappearing seem to be related to the Lightcores. Previously they did not scan in via the portal but now they do so whatever fix went out affected people who already had these characters unlocked.

    • AH! i had the exact same thing happen to me with Grim Creeper – was an 8, now i don’t own him. i also won him through the spin wheel. i didn’t pay close enough attention to my gem count, but i don’t think that it’s affected. i’m not on twitter, so what is the next best method for contacting support?

      i love the dark purple background. and i’ll agree that the premium houses are very nice, though in my early days, i found them to be quite an expense. my fav thing now is finding Hyde in other people’s kingdoms!

      also, i will hit level 40 tomorrow morning (EST), so info on the stage will be forthcoming!!

    • i saw that Grim Creeper & Star Strike are currently free. so much for our level 8 status, but better than losing him altogether.

  2. Is it safe to use the portal yet? I’m waiting to add my new guys until it’s fixed…(hated entering codes)

  3. Hmm, I noticed the return of the ‘nothing to see here’ patch, I wonder what it could be heralding? :)

    Hopefully Dark Stealth Elf gets her quests soon, else she will have out leveled them :(

  4. I’ve been coming to this blog for news and updates for a while (esp. once I started playing Lost Islands) but haven’t had anything significant to add until now. I was entering some codes earlier this evening and when I went to do Grim Creeper, Star Strike and Smolderdash, all three were listed as free!!! I’m guessing this is to make up for the lost ownership issues reported earlier, but could be a major coup for those users who haven’t bought (or opened) these figures yet. Don’t know how long it’ll last, so better act fast!

  5. Like Hyde, Ma-Boo likes to travel. Keep an eye out for him while visiting your friends.

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