Get Special Edition Gill Grunt At TRU With $100 SWAP Force Purchase

Update: So it took me until stupid o clock AM to remember what I already knew. It’s likely this special edition Gill Grunt will indeed be the sought after metallic version. The Facebook page for Toys R Us France has been running a giveaway for metallic Gill Grunts over the past several weeks.

Have you been scratching your head wondering how to get your hands on one of these bad boys without trading limbs on eBay?

Now may be your chance! With credit to prim4444 from Cheapassgamer (Which is where I’ve picked up on video game deals for the better part of 9 years), it appears that Toys R Us really, REALLY wants our Skylanders business. First, here are their Skylanders deals for 10/13-10/19:

TRU – B1G1 40% all Skylander figures and accessories.  This is a mix and match sale that includes all video games and all Disney Infinity figures and accessories.

For rewards members only: Free Special Edition Gill Grunt figure with total Swap Force purchase of $100 or more.($100 does not need to be purchased at one time) Expires 12/31/13.

Gill Grunt coupon will be emailed by 1/18/14 and expires 1/31/14

Not only are they the only retailer currently offering discounts on day 1 (among other promotions), but it looks like they’ll presumably be the source of a “special edition” Gill Grunt which could very well be the metallic variant we’ve been chasing after. To take part in this offer you do need to be a TRU rewards member and spend $100 on SWAP Force merchandise between 10/13 and 12/31. Once the physical ad is out we’ll be able to confirm whether or not this is the metallic Gill Grunt. If you’re not already a TRU Rewards member it’s not too late to sign up before this promotion goes live.

…but now I know for sure where I’ll be on October 13th.

14 comments on “Get Special Edition Gill Grunt At TRU With $100 SWAP Force Purchase

  1. Any idea what prim4444’s source was? I don’t see anything about that promotion anywhere.

    • He’s the source. TRU employee who leaks all the TRU ads to Cheapassgamer. I haven’t looked into his method but apparently the ad is live in their system at least a week in advance and that’s how he gets the info. However since he’s not looking at the actual flier there’s no way to know what the Gill Grunt looks like.

  2. Wow, I’ll spend $100 on Skylanders before the end of this week,

  3. Wow, I’ll spend more than that this month alone.

  4. […] Exclusive: TRU rewards members who spend $100 on SWAP Force between 10/13-12/31 will be sent a coupon in Januar… […]

  5. DANG IT CANADA, why do we never get to have any fun! :-(

  6. Any idea how this special works? I haven’t been able to find anything on toysrus.com about it, and I don’t see credit building up towards it in my Rewards R Us account. I do see the 10% gift card balance building at least.

  7. Girl at ToysRUs confirmed this today. Like the article says, you will get an email on Jan 18th 2014 and you have little more then a week to claim it.

  8. its not really a big deal that they are doing B1G1 40% off cause there stuff is way more expensive anyway. there swap guys are almost 20$ and there lightcores are 15$ walmart sells swaps at 15 and lightcores at 12. you dont save anything your actually spending more in the end. it will be 32$ for 2 swap at walmart vs 35$ with the deal at TRU

  9. […] The real question for collectors now is how limited are the quantities of this figure? I’m a big fan of the Crystal variants and Crystal Wham Shell is one of the few chase variants that I own but I won’t pay $200+ for a single figure. Since it doesn’t seem likely that Crystal Whirlwind would have remained a secret for years that this figure was recently produced and this is the very beginning of its distribution. The same situation happened with Metallic Gill grunt where a few showed up in eBay but then later became widely available through the current Toys R Us promotion. […]

  10. I haven’t received an email

  11. […] (and wallets) of portalmasters across the country during the launch of SWAP Force due to their metallic Gill Grunt promotion. Rewards members who spent $100 or more on SWAP Force products through the end of the year would […]

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