Frito-Lay To Giveaway Brand New Skylanders Variant: Halloween Fright Rider

Frito-Lay is not happy with us.

Apparently we did not buy enough chips during Frito-Lay’s last promo for the Giants Sidekicks so now they’re giving us the opportunity to increase our stockpile. Starting today, September 22nd, US based portalmasters can enter into their latest contest to win a limited edition Halloween Fright Rider. To enter into the contest you must first buy a specially marked Frito-Lay multipack to get a code (or send away for one as per the Official Rules).


That code can then be redeemed on the official Frito-Lay contest page to gain a single entry into the sweepstakes. You may remember that the Frito-Lay Flocked Stump Smash was given away in a similar fashion back in 2012. Best of luck to those who enter as I’m sure Halloween Fright Rider will be highly sought after. If you end up being one of the lucky ones or you just want to share where you’ve found these specially marked packages, please comment below to share with your fellow portalflippers!

14 comments on “Frito-Lay To Giveaway Brand New Skylanders Variant: Halloween Fright Rider

  1. I’m all Frito’d out, but I’m mailing in for some codes. It’s funny, the rules say limit four figures per household. Do people actually win that many? I’d be thrilled to win a single!

  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I still haven’t seen these bags!

  3. I found five bags yesterday. Imagine my dismay when I opened them to find that only two contained codes. The bags were all identical with the Fright Rider on the front and none of them had been previously tampered with. I will be calling Frito Lay later on today to see what they will do to fix this.

  4. I sent away for codes on September 22! No emails yet. Anybody get email codes yet?

  5. We bought a bag of them last week and actually won with our code. It said it will take 6-8 weeks to receive our special edition fright rider.

  6. […] a lot of portalmasters not being able to find the specially marked chip bags from their Fright Rider giveaway, Frito-Lay is preparing to launch their next promotion geared towards keeping us covered in toasted […]

  7. I won 2 (one for each boy) and have an extra unused code. Trying to figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions?

  8. What stores are you finding the bags at? I am in Iowa and have found none.

  9. I bought 8 bags at my local walmart…… not a single one had a code in it or on it… I am not pleased

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