Final Packaging For All Wave 1 SWAP Force Skylanders Revealed!

Update: Amazon.com also has listings for all Wave 1 figures up on the site. They have a listing for Rattle Shake which Target.com was missing.

It’s been a busy day for Skylanders news, portalflippers, but apparently there’s still more news on the way. Some time this weekend Target.com created preorder pages for every single SWAP Force figure that will be released in Wave 1. Because of this we now have high quality screenshots of what the final packaging looks like! Here’s a list of all the figures that will be released on October 13th as well as an accompanying gallery so you can see what to look out for on launch day!

SWAP Force Wave 1

SWAP Force

    • Free Ranger
    • Hoot Loop
    • Magna Charge
    • Rattle Shake


    • Countdown
    • Roller Brawl
    • Slobber Tooth
    • Zoo Lou


    • Flashwing
    • Grim Creeper
    • Smolderdash
    • Star Strike
    • Warnado

Series 2

    • Blizzard Chill
    • Super Gulp Pop Fizz

Series 3

    • Lava Barf Eruptor
    • Mega Ram Spyro

Triple Packs

    • Triple Pack #1: Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, & Super Gulp Pop Fizz
    • Triple Pack #2: Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, & Zoo Lou
    • Fiery Forge Battle Pack
    • Tower of Time Adventure Pack

Hopefully that’ll make your SWAP Force launch day a bit less stressful as you’ll already know most of the figures to look for. I’m actually putting the finishing touches on a Day 1 Checklist so portalflippers will know exactly what figures and packages to look for as well as what stores to go to for the exclusives. Just another few weeks to go before we can all finally enjoy this game!

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7 comments on “Final Packaging For All Wave 1 SWAP Force Skylanders Revealed!

  1. IVery awesome! But, I have to say, and I’m sure you’ll agree, for those of us who have been obsessively monitoring every official and leaked piece of information, this has almost no surprises whatsoever. I think I’ll get Roller Brawl as the extra TRU figure. I’d definitely prefer Smolderdash or Star Strike, but Lightcore figures are too expensive to qualify for the freebie! :( I am a bit surprised that Target doesn’t have a listing for the Nitro Magna Charge double packs. I totally thought that would be wave 1.

    • Nope. No surprises. :) But I was excited to see the final packaging designs for all the figures (specifically Warnado and Smolderdash) since we only saw a few of them in mockup form at E3.

      I think Target and other retailers are keeping their exclusives up their sleeve until closer to launch to drive traffic on that day. Otherwise Mr lesty would likely be more forthcoming with his pics of Nitro Magna Charge.

  2. whip up a storm?factory error

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