New Variants: Pumpkin Eye-Brawl & Green Gill Grunt

Are you ready for more Giants era variants?

Several weeks ago some portalmasters noticed that a few online retailers started to having placeholder listings for a “Pumpkin Eye-Brawl”. No other information was given through these listings. As with a lot of rumors of this sort, I tend to keep my expectations low in order to not spark a series of wild speculations. However, in this case the Pumpkin Eye-Brawl turns out to be more than a phantom! Again originating from Beanie Baby reseller extraordinaire Cindy’s Beans, we now have our first look at Pumpkin Eye-Brawl!


Ignoring her inflated price, this Halloween themed variant should be widely available across multiple retailers for MSRP. When we know exactly when and where Pumpkin Eye-Brawl will be released we will update you.

Second on our new variant list is one that will unfortunately drive you crazy if you’re into chase variants. Listed on eBay as the first known of its kind, Green Gill Grunt is already making the heads of hardcore collectors spin.


The seller hasn’t been completely forthcoming with how this particular figure was acquired but they will say that it was awarded to certain retail vendors by Activision as an incentive. They won’t say to which company these vendors work for but it sounds like we can expect to see more of these within a month.

Personally I know I’ll be getting Pumpkin Eye-Brawl as I don’t mind store exclusive variants but Green Gill Grunt will stay out of my reach as long a it’s collector’s item that sells for $200+. How many people here actually go after the chase variants and how complete is your collection?

Big thanks to portalflipper Marty Jordan and others who keep my inbox full with sightings like these!

12 comments on “New Variants: Pumpkin Eye-Brawl & Green Gill Grunt

  1. My daughter and I both decided we wouldn’t go after any of the chase variants that sold for 10x retail, and she decided herself that when we found a couple of glitters she wanted to sell them to buy more of the regular ones she didn’t have. For a 5 year old, she said it simply “Mama, it doesn’t who up different in game, it’s no different.”

  2. I made a huge effort to find any of the purple metallics in the last month or so. I checked about two dozen places in Houston and came up empty. I’m pretty excited about the Pumpkin Eye Brawl, because I don’t have a regular version of him yet, and he would be the last Giant I’m interested in getting at this point. Like Tricia’s daughter said, I’m not as interested if it doesn’t appear different in-game, but it wouldn’t be a duplicate for me anyway. The only ones that I have both versions of are Tree Rex and Ninjini.

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  4. I am a chaser! I potentially want to have all the figures out it is just the collector in me that won’t let me just get in game variants. I have a few rare chase figures and I plan to have two of them all. It sounds like a lot I know I have been like this with collecting my whole life I can call it “Need It All” Syndrome lol! I can be expensive true, but I really love this game and this franchise I’m a sucker for stuff like this. Release day is going to kill me! I can understand why some don’t go after the really expensive figures, but I have fortunately been able to get most of my chase figures for less than a 100 dollars. I look at it like this I spend the same if not more on other games so why not :)

  5. I will eventually buy them all when the price is right for them. Got my first bunch of skylanders on black Friday for $3 each! Now that was the right price!

  6. there are a ton in toys r us in NC, but dumb that it plays the same in the game as regular eyebrawl. whats the point? we are returning him. At least scarlett ninjini and gnarly tree rex are different. this seems to be a POS thrown out by them as a last ditch money grab before swap force comes out

  7. My son was the same found a purple metalic eye brawl and he wanted to sell to get other ones out it on eBay for 20.00 it sold at 320.00 people are crazy

  8. […] produced and this is the very beginning of its distribution. The same situation happened with Metallic Gill grunt where a few showed up in eBay┬ábut then later became widely available through the current Toys R Us […]

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