Skylanders Weekly Deals: 6/23 – 6/29

Good (early) morning, portalflippers!

It’s another late Saturday/early Sunday and we here at Portalflip are bringing you all of this week’s best deals on Skylanders games, figures, and accessories. There’s actually quite a few deals this week so it’s good opportunity to get starter with your Skylanders Giants collection or just fill out a few holes. Remember that the $10 off a Skylanders Giants starter pack coupon from McDonald’s is still valid until 6/30 so use it while you can!


  • $30 off a Skylanders Giants starter pack with SWAP Force preorder for $1
  • Preorder SWAP Force for $1 and get a reservation card that unlocks content in SWAP Force

Toys R Us

  • All Skylanders Giants starter packs are $30 off
  • 2 for $22 on all Giant figures
  • 2 for $16 on all figures price $9.99-$12.99
  • Preorder SWAP Force for $1 and get Lightcore Hex as well asĀ any single figure priced $9.99-10.99 when you pick it up

Best Buy

  • $25 off all Skylanders Giants starter packs and get a free Skylanders backpack
  • Discounted figures ($8.99-13.99)
  • 60% off all Skylanders accessories normally $5.99-39.99 ($2.39-$15.99)

A lot of great deals out there this for portalmasters/bargain hunters. What’s notable about these ads is that Toys R Us is advertising that you can get any free figure with SWAP Force as long as it falls within the specified price range. Since this is much more straightforward than when we first reported on the Toys R Us SWAP Force preorder bonus I think I’m going to change my preorder to there just so I can get a couple free SWAP Force figures at launch. As always check the gallery below to take a look at all these ads.

Happy hunting!

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2 comments on “Skylanders Weekly Deals: 6/23 – 6/29

  1. I went to TRU and pre-ordered Swap Force, but the cashier wasn’t sure how the extra “any single character part” worked. At first she thought I should just go get one right then, but another employee came over and said I would be able to get it when I bought the game. He wasn’t 100% but said that’s how it normally worked with extra pre-order bonuses. The cashier was very nice and gave me a copy of the ad with the deal in it to save and bring back in October. She also said to put my receipt in a plastic bag to keep it from degrading between now and then. Hope that helps someone else out.

    • It’s definitely for when you pick up the game but this promo wasn’t well communicated by corporate to individual stores. It seems every person that has preordered at TRU to take advantage of this deal has encountered the same lack of knowledge, even myself. And like the clerk recommended to you I’ve been giving the same advice myself: Keep a copy of the ad with your preorder so you can back yourself up on launch day.

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