Scarlet Ninjini In Gamestop Stores On May 14th

Update: The employees I’ve spoken  to don’t know if the 14th is a ship date or an in-store date. Check with your local Gamestop before camping out on the 14th.

Thanks to portalflip reader Kyleia for the following tip:

Gamestop should have her by the 14th, according to an in-store email today.

This confirms our earlier reports that Scarlet Ninjini will not be exclusive to a single retailer which seems to be a first for a non-chase variant figure. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to confirm whether this is when Scarlet Ninjini is guaranteed to be in-store or whether this is just the ship date meaning it could take another couple days to reach individual stores. However in a best case scenario this means you can be there for Scarlet Ninjini’s US debut a full 5 days earlier than when she’s expected to grace Target shelves. I will follow up with Gamestop to get you a better idea of when exactly to expect Scarlet Ninjini in-store.

Now that we can confirm Scarlet Ninjini’s presence at both Target and Gamestop stores we now wait to see if other retailers will be carrying her as well. I will of course keep you updated as I find out more.

2 comments on “Scarlet Ninjini In Gamestop Stores On May 14th

  1. Currently at best buy and they have at least 8 scarlet ninjinis in

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