Confirmed: Scarlet Ninjini In Target Stores On May 19th

As we reported on almost a month ago, a strong rumor about Scarlet Ninjini being released at Target stores on May 19th was leaked by an insider. Today I am excited to say that he was 100% correct as reports of Scarlet Ninjini are starting to come in from portalmasters across the country.

dark52, admin of DarkSpyro.net, and other users on the forums are starting to report cases of Scarlet Ninjinis being spotted in store. Unfortunately, unlike with Jade Flashwing, Target has already locked the sale of Scarlet Ninjini in their POS system so even if you find her early you won’t be able to buy her.

Regardless, this is great news for people who have held off on buying her from amazon.de. Big thanks to Lesty who broke this news originally for again leaking info weeks before we would have known anything. We’ll keep you updated when we find out anything about other retailers carrying Scarlet Ninjini.

8 comments on “Confirmed: Scarlet Ninjini In Target Stores On May 19th

  1. Reblogged this on secretvaultofsecrets and commented:
    thanks @portalflip for the update!

  2. Yes, my boyfriend works at our local target and he texted me a picture of Scarlet Ninjini. Can’t purchase her till May 19th. Imma gonna be waiting at the front door to buy her!

  3. […] confirms a rumour that Portalflip posted a month ago. Portalflip are also reporting the 19th of May release date on their site here:Confirmed: Scarlet […]

  4. Gamestop should have her by the 14th, according to an in-store email today.

  5. hi ive been waiting so long to know shell out thanks ;)

  6. I found her at a Target and tried to purchase her but they wouldn’t let me eventhough she was out on display.. they said on the 19 th of May.. They wouldn’t her for me either.. wow Target is messed up..

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