Skylanders Lost Islands 1.3: Level Cap Raised!

It’s been a busy morning for Lost Islands updates!

In addition to next month’s alter ego being revealed, Vicarious Visions has rolled out a whopper of an update which adds a whole slew of new features to Lost Islands! Let’s break them down one by one.

  • Companions: Accessible via Flynn’s ship, you now have a whole slew of companions to choose from that offer different benefits to your kingdom. Most of them you will have earned already but there are 4 new companions available: Quigley, Flynn, Ramses, and Captain White Claw.
  • Ramses: We’ve been asking for it and it’s finally been delivered: The level cap has been raised to 12! The companion Ramses raises the level cap of all Skylanders from 10 to 12. This companion is unlocked with the update.
  • Flynn: Other than his ship serving as a stable for your swarm of companions, Flynn will also reduce the time it takes for adventure balloons to return by 25-50%. This companion costs a whopping 3,000 gems.
  • Quigley: Do you have a lot of buildings to collect from in your kingdom? Quigley can help with that. You will be able to build a special building for 800 gold called a Newstand. After purchasing Quigley for 300 gems, the Newstand will allow you to collect all of your kingdom xp once every 2 hours.
  • Captain White Claw: This pirate will increase the number of Silver and Gold Chests that you see when clearing out Sheep or Trolls. He will also increase the rewards that these chests contain. This companion is a bargain at 250,000 gold.

That pretty much sums up everything that has been added. If you find a feature that I missed, please feel free to comment below!

59 comments on “Skylanders Lost Islands 1.3: Level Cap Raised!

  1. How do you unlock frilly, masked mabu and silena?
    It says I need to complete goals but I can’t complete any goals because I can’t build houses or use decorations. It’s really bugging me because I can’t move my islands on without them :( please help!!

    • Having the same issue! And the limit my power crops to just the first two! I refuse to spend more money…

    • I wish I could offer more help but since I was at max level before this update hit, all of the companions were already unlocked for me. Maybe there’s a quest that you haven’t completed yet?

      • I am level 18 and have completed all of the possible quests so far… But I can’t complete any more because I can’t build houses or use decorations! It’s completely stopped my progression and its so frustrating! Surely at lv18 I would have unlocked the basic 3 companions?!?!

      • Not able to build houses? Definitely contact Activision support on Twitter @ATVIAssist or email them using the Support page on their website.

        Let me know how this gets resolved because I’m honestly curious as to what the issue is.

  2. i have not bought quigley – do you know if he collects xp from houses and work places regardless of if they’re matured? in other words, even though a blacksmith takes 8hrs to produce, can he collect from it every 2 hours? my kingdom is only at level 23, so this could accelerate the growth rate significantly.

  3. […] certainly been an incredible week for Lost Islands updates. From the Lost Islands 1.3 patch to Hoppity Pop Fizz, Vicarious Visions has kept […]

  4. Any ideas where is moleskin mountain? It keeps on telling me to go on adventure there but none of the skylanders have this on the adventure list! I think that is what I need to unlock silena and am starting to hate this update! I am on level 23

    • are any of your skylanders at level 10? only my level 10 characters have access to the molekin mountain adventure. the adventures come from Jess LeGrand (who looks quite similar to Silena) i was at kingdom level 23 when i restarted my game and she was there after the restart, so i really think it’s based on having a character at level 10.

  5. Since updating to this newest version, I’ve lost the ability to grow anything but Floats and Ambrosia even though I’m at Level 28!! Plus most of the companions I used to have all require a “goal” to unlock despite my current level. Even the goals I have been assigned cannot be completed due to the locked companions. :0(

    • This isn’t the first time someone has posted here with this issue. Unfortunately I’m not sure how or if it was resolved but my suggestion is to contact @ATVIAssist or use Activision’s support page. Let me know how it turns out for you.

  6. Can someone that has Quigley explain how he works? Will he collect every 2 hours if you are logged in or not, or does it mean, you can log in every 2 hours and use him yourself to collect at once?

    If he collects without me being logged on, then it is worth buying. Thanks.

    • I don’t own Quiglet but the text when you click the Newsstand is “Use the Newsstand to collect all your Kingdom XP once every 2 hours!”. That reads to me as you needing to actually activate the Newsstand for it to work.

  7. I too have had the same problems, have contacted Activision and logged a call, they have advised they will be looking into it. As soon as I hear anything I will post here to let you know

  8. are the levels supposed to be locked at 30 I though it was supposed to be higher now

  9. Any idea if Captain White Claw is worth it? Does it just bring an extra a chest or two a day? I honestly don’t get many sheep or trolls? Maybe 2-3 per day? Also, do the chests only have a little more gold? I mean, if its only 100 extra, it could take years to make your 250k back!

    • I bought him yesterday and just got a “white claw’s gold chest” after busting up some sheep. That’s 24,000 gold for 2,000 energy. So far so good!

    • White Claw gives a 25% payout to chest payouts which is significant especially with Gold Chests. Now I don’t have any data on chest spawns before and after unlocking White Claw but I will say this: Since I unlocked him I’ve been seeing at least 1 Gold Chest a day if not more. Every other day or so I’ll see 2 Gold Chests and there was even 1 day where I had 5 Gold Chests spawn.

  10. I have Ramses, but I only Spyro is progressing past level 10 my others are still locked at max level 10 anyone else having this issue?

  11. Can anyone tell me why im seeing ‘LOCKED’ on my XP bar please? I’m on level 30.
    Does it mean when I am collecting XP, its not counting? Thanks for any help.

    • Correct.

      To get past level 30 you need to unlock Mayor Grizz. I’m not sure at which level you get it but you will receieve a quest to unlock Grizz that requires you to have 8 Skylanders at level 12.

      • I have already unlocked mayor grizz and have all my skylanders at level 12. It is probably a glitch since the recent update. :(
        Thanks .

      • More than likely. So far I’ve only heard of people having issues with getting their Skylanders leveled past 10 but it wouldn’t surprise me if that glitch somehow carries over to kingdom level as well. Make sure you report it through Activision’s support site or tweet at @ATVIAssist.

    • Warlywooo, same with me, since a update yesterday4/30 or today 5/1 it says I’m locked at lvl 30, not sure if I’m getting exp. I was about to lvl up at 31 and I also have the Mayor and over 27 characters that are lvl 12 atm. Also my Drill Sargent is Max but it says lvl 11 so a few glitches on the patches. Looking for a email to send to customer support about this issue. Good luck leveling to all of you.

      • Upon further observation, it is collecting my Xp as normal when I first log on, but when I return from visiting my friends it says ‘LOCKED’ so I am making sure I collect my xp first before visiting friends.
        I’m soon to go to lvl 31 also, so I really need my Xp!

  12. Same here! Locked at level 30. :( I’m so close to 31! I’ve got Mayor Grizz and all but one of my Skylanders is at level 12. The one that isn’t is level 11.

    • Also, it’s not letting me visit the one friend I have… I keep getting a message saying ‘an error occurred, please try again later.’

  13. I have 39 or 40 Skylanders at level 12. My XP Bar was going up from level 30 to 31 then just today it starts displaying “LOCKED” on it.

  14. I had my 8th skylanders nearly at level 12 and now saying max at level 11. Any way to fix this?

  15. Hi, I can’t get any of my skylanders past 10. I have the Ramses guy, but all of my level 10 skylanders say they are maxed. Any ideas, I see others that are not having this problem.

  16. Does anybody know anything about Load Error 13?????

  17. Ich habe für 1,79€ 100 Edelsteine gekauft,Geld ist abgegangen, Edelsteine habe ich nicht erhalten, Support ist nicht vorhanden,nicht erreichbar, absolutes no go

  18. I can’t activate the newsstand I have, can any one help?

  19. What Gould needs completed to unlock quigley?

  20. Goal sorry

  21. Has anyone had a problem with their skylander showing as “in use” when it’s not. I sent firework zooks on a quest, when he returned I collected from his adventure/quest and he pinged out with his gold, both of which i tapped to collect gold and skylander xp, but it now shows him as in use still, when I click on him, the game zooms to his house as if he is in it, but I have not placed him there since the return from adventure/quest. I can’t see him anywhere on any of the islands, i play on an ipad. Any ideas?

    • After the snafus yesterday caused by the update, a lot of people are having this issue and for most of them it’s with Fireworks Zook. I’m suffering the same issue myself and have already contacted Advisor Orville and @ATVIAssist but no solution yet.

      If you have space in your inventory you can try putting Fireworks Zook’s house in there and taking it back out. This has fixed the issue for several people.

  22. Tried putting fireworks zooks house in my inventory and have taken it back out again but no change

  23. How do you unlock the kindom level cap? I read that it raises the max level to 40 and it still says locked at 30 on my game.

    • 30 is a separate unlock. To get to 30 you need to complete a quest after you get Ramses to get X Skylanders to level 12. That will unlock Grizz which will allow you to level past 30. I believe Ramses is unlocked at 27 (It was added after I was already maxed out)

  24. Ramses does not even show up in my characters
    and I have several skylanders at level 10 and can go no further?

    • per the portalflip FAQ:
      Q. How do I unlock Ramses?
      A. Ramses is unlocked when you reach kingdom level 27.

      so…is your kingdom at level 27 yet?

  25. I am at level 28 and Ramses is unlocked, but nothing will go past level 10.

    • i’ll assume that since you’re a full kingdom level past the necessary level 27 that your game has been restarted somewhere along way, but i remember there being a bug about advancing past level 10 where they’d get stuck now and then. you can always tweet activision support.

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