Skylanders Happy Meals Are Coming Soon!

Huge thanks to Portalflipper LargeMargeTheHungry who tipped us off to this scoop!

A Canadian user on the official Skylanders Facebook page posted this image today:


At least in Canada, Skylanders themed Happy Meals are coming soon! McDonald’s advertises the next wave of Happy Meal toys on the bottom of the box. This is on the bottom of The Croods Happy Meal box which as far as I can tell has not started in the US yet.

Will US based portalmasters see these at the same time and what exactly will the toys be? This is speculation on my part but I doubt that these toys will be NFC enabled but rather just Skylanders themed items. Will my prediction hold true? We’ll keep you updated as we find out more about the toys and about a US release.

4 comments on “Skylanders Happy Meals Are Coming Soon!

  1. […] days ago, we were one of the first to report that Skylanders Happy Meal toys were coming soon. At least in Canada. Now we have official confirmation that not only will the Skylanders Happy Meal […]

  2. […] Last week a ‘portalflipper’ from Canada took a photo on the bottom of his Croods Happy meal box which showed an advert for the next Happy Meals to hit stores – Skylanders. […]

  3. […] we first broke the news several weeks ago about Skylanders Happy Meals coming to McDonald’s, we’re now a couple days away from them being available everywhere in the US! Starting on […]

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